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When can I amend TEAM awards in TrAMS to add (obligate) additional funds?

Recipients, except in several limited cases outlined below, must initiate new grants in TrAMS rather than amending TEAM grants to add additional funding.  When in doubt as to whether an amendment to an award meets the limitations below, please contact your FTA point of contact for additional direction. FTA limits amendments to add funds to TEAM awards as follows: 
Recipients can create amendments to TEAM awards to add funds associated with existing Full Funding Grant Agreements or larger capital investments covered under a similar Project Construction Grant Agreement. Funds may include prior year and FY 2016 and beyond funding necessary to satisfy the agreement.  
For recipients that were only able to obligate a portion of their FY 2015 funding in TEAM, they may create amendments to those TEAM awards to complete the activity by adding their final portion of FY 2015 funding.  These actions must use existing scope codes and existing ALIs. For example, amendments may be used where the activity was previously identified as a non-add scope or other budget activity. No new scope codes and no new ALIs may be added to increase the award budget or scope of work of a TEAM award.  FY 2016 funds must be used in a new grant.

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