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Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Program; Tribal Transit Program

Notice of Funding Availability: Solicitation of Grant Applications for FY 2013 Tribal Transit Program Funds; and Responses to the November 9, 2012 Solicitation of Comments.
This Notice accomplishes several purposes. First, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) summarizes and responds to written comments FTA received in response to a November 9, 2012, Federal Register Notice regarding proposed grant program provisions for this modified program. Second, this Notice establishes the framework for the Tribal Transit Program, including the terms and conditions and local match requirements. Finally, this Notice announces the availability of funds and a national solicitation for proposals from grantees for projects selected on a competitive basis; the grant terms and conditions that will apply to the discretionary program; and grant application procedures and selection criteria for FY 2013 projects.


Closed on 07/08/2013
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