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Responding to market challenges calls for a new and broader role for transit agencies as mobility managers. Mobility management moves beyond establishing and operating traditional fixed route transit systems to fostering and organizing a network of diverse transportation services and providers to satisfy customer needs. Mobility management involves several functions. The starting point is the identification of transportation needs of a specific community and identifying service options and demand management strategies to respond to those needs. Transit agencies often serve as a travel agent by brokering customer needs with a variety of service providers and providing one-stop customer information on available services.

Attracting adequate financial resources to support these services is usually the responsibility of transit agencies. One way to reduce costs is to coordinate services and providers into a cost-effective transportation network. Transit agencies have an important role in advocating for improved regulatory, traffic management, and land-use policies that support the effective delivery of transportation services. Transit agencies are also responsible for implementing technological innovation to improve network performance.

Mobility management strategies are being pursued vigorously in the coordination of human service transportation coordination activities and in meeting the transportation needs of those making the transition from access to jobs. Individual market segmentation analyzes will be undertaken. ITS technologies are being supplied to achieve the coordination of multiple service providers, and to provide customers with real-time information. The application of smart card technologies allows customers a seamless fare medium that can be applied to several service providers. Strategies for developing mobility management implementation within the transit industry are being developed in TCRP new paradigm visioning. Finally, FTA will undertake with the transit industry, mobility management demonstrations, and will establish technical assistance and information-sharing activities.

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Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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