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Livability Case Studies and Outreach

Case Studies

In order to more effectively understand what Livability and Sustainability means at FTA we have provided a few case studies. These are to act as a resource for those looking to bring "livability" to their localities. Livability can take many different forms and can positively impact people in all areas. We hope that some of these case studies can inspire innovation and motivate communities to work for a livable and sustainable community.

Regional Case Studies

Region I
Source: Fairmount/Indigo CDC Collaborative
Fairmount/Indigo Line, Boston, MA (PDF)

Region II
Source: NJIT
Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, NJ (PDF)

Region V
Source: Metropolitan Council
Central Corridor Light Rail, St. Paul, MN (PDF)

Region VI
Source: FTA
Streetcar Expansion, New Orleans, LA (PDF)

Region VII
Source: KCATA
Troost MAX BRT Kansas City, MO (PDF)

Region VIII
Source: Denver Housing Authority
South Lincoln Redevelopment, Denver, CO (PDF)

Region IX
Source: LA Metro
Wilshire/Vermont, Los Angeles, CA (PDF)

Region X
Source: King County DOT
Village at Overlake Station, Redmond, WA (PDF)

Rural and Small-Town Case Studies

Region 1
Source: Downeast Transportation
Downeast Transportation, ME (PDF)

Region VI
Source: Pelivan Transit
Pelivan Transit, OK (PDF)

Region X
Source: Mason Transit
Mason Transit, WA (PDF)

Below are additional livability case studies.


Training Planning Capacity Building (TPCB): Jointly administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Highway Administration (FHWA), with assistance from the U.S. DOT's Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, TPCB products and services provide information, training, and technical assistance to the transportation professionals responsible for planning for the capital, operating, and maintenance needs of transportation systems in urban and rural communities. The TPCB web-site includes extensive resources related to transportation and development of livable communities.

More Coming Soon!

Do you know of a great example of a livable and sustainable community? If so, send an email to Crystal Frederick, at and we may be able to add your project to our case study list!

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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