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Affordable Housing Near Transit

Transportation is the second largest household budget cost for American families. Since 2007, FTA has been working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to better coordinate affordable housing and transit in order to lower the combined cost of housing and transportation and to expand housing opportunities near transit through joint planning, demonstration projects, and research on best practices of transit-oriented development (TOD) and affordable housing. FTA and HUD have established an interagency working group (IAWG) to develop coordinated/integrated strategies, methods, and policies to promote the role of public transportation in affordable housing. The IAWG supports the DOT-HUD-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities. Some of the major actions undertaken include:

Mixed Income Transit Oriented Development Action Guide - The MITOD Action Guide is an online tool designed to help local jurisdictions and planners develop strategies to create mixed income transit oriented development around planned transit stations. This interactive site, developed by the Center for Transit Oriented Development (CTOD) in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is available at

Outreach and Capacity Building – Working with key stakeholder groups to provide presentations and panel discussions at national conferences and meetings, convene expert roundtables on critical issues, and develop training on TOD and Joint Development (JD) through the National Transit Institute; holding webinars with our regional staff to communicate the need and facilitate transit’s role in community development; and providing technical assistance to grantees, public officials and capacity building activities.

Joint Planning – Working with Metropolitan Planning Organizations and regional councils to examine a framework to integrate housing and transportation planning at the regional level.

Legislative Recommendations – As part of the efforts to reauthorize Federal surface transportation legislation, examine FTA’s program structure to identify opportunities to further promote livability in general and affordable housing in particular.

Incentives – Working to enhance the role of housing development/land use in the transportation planning process, ways to provide incentives for increased TOD in all of our current transit programs, e.g., modifying the evaluation and rating process for New Starts and Small Starts projects along with further inducements for leveraging of federal funds.

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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