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Will TrAMS include validation checks that might stop me from transmitting or submitting an application or receiving FTA funds?

Yes. In a few instances, TrAMS will include “hard stops” to ensure that an application has met all requirements before FTA can process the application. In other instances, TrAMS will provide “soft stops” or warning messages to indicate you may be missing information. FTA will issue guidance to list out where each might occur.

Will TrAMS change how frequently I need to submit milestone progress reports or federal financial reports or the information I submit in these reports?

No. The reporting requirements frequency remains the same as established by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance and through FTA guidance/policy. However in some instance, an application for funds that have different reporting requirements may require you to report more frequently unless otherwise established.

Will the system contain up-to-date grantee profile information?

Information about FTA grantees will be automatically imported from the System for Award Management (SAM) the website that contains information on all recipients of Federal financial assistance. If information about your organization is incorrect in SAM you will need to correct it in SAM. Visit the SAM website at:


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