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Capital Cost Database

Capital Cost Database 2016 Version (Note to users: This database has been digitally signed for security. This will not harm your computer. If you receive a "potential security concern" notice, you can bypass by clicking "open,"  then saving the database to a local drive.)

The Capital Cost Database is a Microsoft Access database of as-built costs for 54 federally funded projects in the following modes: bus rapid transit, commuter rail, light rail, heavy rail and trolley. The database is intended for performing historical cost analysis and developing order-of-magnitude cost estimates for conceptual transit projects. Project costs are tracked in FTA’s Standard Cost Categories and the project costs have been validated. 

The purpose of the Capital Cost Database is not to prepare a detailed cost estimate. Instead, the database should be used for preparing conceptual, ballpark estimates for conceptual projects or for better understanding the unique characteristics of a cost estimate by comparing the costs to historical experiences. The Capital Cost Database is updated on a recurring basis. 

Updated: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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