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Triennial Review Webinars

Number 2015-25


Subject: Triennial Review Webinars

Date: 11/27/2015

Dear Grantees:
The Triennial Review workshop webinars are finally available after resolving some persistent technical issues with Adobe Connect. The content covers the same material as current TR workshops and is broken down into nine segments in an effort to assist grantees in having appropriate staff persons participate to the maximum extent possible.

  • Introduction and Overview of Triennial Review
  • Module 1: Planning and Operations –Planning & Program of Projects, Public Comment, Half Fare, Charter Bus, School Bus, and Drug & Alcohol
  • Module 2: Grantee Capacity, Part I –Financial Management & Capacity
  • Module 2: Grantee Capacity, Part II - Technical Capacity
  • Module 2: Grantee Capacity, Part III - Legal and Security
  • Module 3: Asset Management –Maintenance and Satisfactory Continuing Control
  • Module 4: Procurement –ProcurementModule 5: Civil Rights I –ADA
  • Module 6: Civil Rights II –Title VI, DBE, and EEO

Participants will need to register for each segment. All modules and the registration form can be accessed here: FY16 Triennial Review Workshop Webinars (

Questions and comments regarding webinars can be directed to FTA is committed to providing equal access to these sessions for all participants. If anyone needs alternative formats, options, or services, please contact

Your Oversight Region 8 contact is Donna Douville. She can be contacted at 720-963-3332


David L. Beckhouse
Deputy Regional Administrator

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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