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TrAMS Migration

Number 2015-11


Subject: Migration to the TrAMS grants system

Date: May 28, 2015

Dear Grantees:

FTA recently notified grantees that its new grant management system, TrAMS (Transit Award Management System), will deploy in Federal Fiscal Year 2016. A significant component of transitioning from TEAM to TrAMS is the migration of information. All TEAM information will be migrated to TrAMS; therefore it is important to have accurate information in TEAM. This is the first of several requests that will require your attention over the next several months.

By June 30th please take the following actions.

I. System for Award Management (SAM) Actions

Your organization must be registered and in an active status in SAM to apply for and receive federal assistance. FTA will also use your SAM information to populate organizational profile in TrAMS. Please review the requirements below to ensure you are in good standing with SAM.

  • Identify who within your agency has the user rights to manage your SAM information.
  • Visit to check whether you are “active” and identify your expiration date. Your SAM status expires every year and you must be “active” to apply for federal assistance. Please continue to take proactive measures to update your status in advance of expiration and if expired, take action to update your status.
  • Review the information in SAM; your legal business name and address information in SAM is the primary information used in TrAMS to identify your organization. Your legal business name listed in SAM will be the primary organization name used on all applications/awards going forward. This is a change. For example, if the DUNS number listed for your organization in TrAMS is associated with the city, yet the actual award recipient is the transportation branch of the city, the City’s name will populate on the application and resulting Award Agreement, not the transportation branch if it goes by another name. The name the recipient goes by (in this case, the transportation branch) will be listed in TrAMS under the Recipient Profile as an Alias name.

II. TEAM Points of Contact Information and Civil Rights Attachments Actions

  • Review and update your Point of Contact (POC) Information. Delete any outdated POCs; ensure that the spelling of the POC names are correct; and ensure that the POC title is entered and is correct. Please also ensure that each POC email address is entered and is correct. Do not leave these fields blank.
  • Identify and add a User Manager in TEAM. While all current TEAM users will still have access to TrAMS once it is deployed, any changes or additions will require the assignment and set up of a User Manager for your agency. For more information on the User Manager Role and how to add a user manager, please visit FTA’s website at
  • Review all attachments under the Civil Rights folder, found in the Attachments window of your recipient profile (the paperclip). Please note that all attachments will be transferred over to TrAMS and this is an opportunity to delete any old versions and expired programs. You should have just one program submission attached for each of the following: Title VI, DBE Program (if applicable), DBE Goal (if applicable), and EEO (if applicable). Delete any programs that are not currently active or the most current version. It is helpful if the program title begins with the program type and includes the date submitted, e.g. Title VI program_5-12-2015. If a program needs to be broken into multiple submissions due to size, it is helpful to include page number, e.g. Title VI program_5-12-2015_pages 1-50.

Please contact Region 8 at 720.963.3300 with any questions or concerns.


Linda M. Gehrke
Regional Administrator

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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