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TrAMS implementation delay to 2016

Number 2015-03


Subject:  FTA Grant System Update: TEAM to Remain in Operation during FY 2015. Grant-making 
              with TrAMS will begin in FY 2016

Date: February 19, 2015

Dear Grantee:

FTA has completed development of the new transit grant-making system, TrAMS, and has performed an initial round of end-to-end testing on the system. The information and active participation by FTA grantees in reaching this stage has been critical and is greatly appreciated. While the TrAMS progress is notable, the current FTA grant-making system, TEAM, will continue in operation until the normal fiscal year closing date in late September 2015. When FTA re-opens the grant-making process for FY 2016 during October of this year, TrAMS will go into operation. Effective immediately, grant development and award activity can continue to proceed in TEAM.

FTA is taking this approach for a number of reasons. First, while the initial testing was encouraging, additional technical improvements are needed. The goal is a system that is 100 percent ready-to-go. Second, it is important that there is ample training for FTA and grantee staff, including the opportunity to use a training version of the system before its deployed. During the past three months, FTA has done extensive training, and 96 percent of the FTA’s over 800 grantees receiving TrAMS training indicated that they were excited about what they saw in the new grant-making system. Further information about training opportunities will be shared soon. Finally, the timing of the FY 2015 Appropriation law’s enactment and the subsequent apportionment creates potential hardships for FTA grantees, an issue many grantees have brought to FTA’s attention. For these reasons, the TrAMS operating date will be moved from April to October 2015.

TrAMS will deliver many benefits to FTA grantees, including the ability to award grants containing funds from multiple FTA programs (e.g. a single grant with Urbanized Area and State of Good Repair funds) which will eliminate the need to fund a single project with multiple grants and reduce grantee reporting. TrAMS will also have the ability to match disbursements with project activities. In addition, changes to FTA’s ECHO-web grantee payment system will be deployed with TrAMS, making it easier for grantees to submit and track payment requests.

Additional information about the TrAMS schedule, guidance, and training opportunities will be posted at .

If you have any questions, please notify your FTA Regional Office. Your continued participation and feedback as the TrAMS grant system advances is appreciated.


David L. Beckhouse 
Deputy Regional Administrator

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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