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Partial FY 2015 Apportionment Notice

Number 2015-02


Subject: Partial Year FY 2015 Apportionment Notice

Date: February 9, 2015

Dear Grantees:

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently posted the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015
Apportionments, Allocations, and Program Information notice to the Federal Register. The notice is available at this link:

The funding tables for the notice are posted on FTA’s website at:

This notice and its associated funding tables makes 8/12ths of FTA’s FY 2015 budget available since the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 extended FTA’s contract (budget) authority to carry out its formula assistance programs only through May 31, 2015.

FTA is still preparing to transition to the new TrAMS grant making software. TrAMS, by design, collects and presents information contained in new grant applications differently than TEAM, which will make it difficult to migrate applications that have not yet been awarded by March 1,
2015 into the new system. FTA has previously provided guidance that grant applications needed to be in submitted status in TEAM as of January 1, 2015 to ensure award could be made by March 1,
2015. FTA will make a concerted effort to award any other pending grant applications in TEAM by March 1, 2015. However, grant applications not awarded in TEAM by March 1 will not be migrated into TrAMS and the recipient will need to re-create their application in TrAMS.


David L. Beckhouse
Deputy Regional Administrator

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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