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NTI Environmental Training APTA Conference

Number 2015-12


Subject: NTI Environmental Justice (EJ) Training

Date: May 28, 2015

Dear Grantees:

NTI will be offering its Environmental Justice training at the APTA Rail Conference on Wednesday (June 23) afternoon and Thursday (June 24). The course focuses on how FTA regional staff and grantees can satisfy the requirements of the Executive Order 12898, US DOT Order 5610.2(a) and FTA Circular 4703.1 on Environmental Justice. The course offers hands on practical pointers for reviewing EJ considerations in transportation planning and project development, while providing the basic tenets of the principles of EJ through the evolution of Civil Rights. This offering is free for Region 8 staff and grantees.

Objectives of the training:

  • Identify the difference between Title VI and Environmental Justice
  • Discuss the importance of environmental justice and how it affects transportation decision-making
  • Discuss how environmental justice considerations are incorporated in transportation planning and project development
  • Understand the compliance process for planning and implementing under NEPA


FTA staff, transit agency staff, Regional/Metropolitan Planning Organization, and State Department of Transportation.


1.5 Days

Please contact Kevin Osborn, Region 8 Civil Rights Officer at 720.963.3341 with any questions or concerns.


Linda M. Gehrke
Regional Administrator

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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