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Cindy Terwilliger

FTA Region 8 Regional Administrator 

Ms. Terwilliger has spent more than 20 years working in the public transportation industry and has an in-depth knowledge of federal transit programs, the transit industry, and management of organizations. She began working at FTA in 1991.

Before becoming Region 8 Administrator in January 2017, Ms. Terwilliger served as Deputy Regional Administrator of FTA’s Region 7 office. Prior to joining Region VII, Ms. Terwilliger served in FTA Region II, the FHWA/FTA Los Angeles Metro Office, and in the private sector as a transportation consultant. She has also stepped forward at important times to serve as the acting leader of FTA headquarters offices, including in 2004 for what was then FTA’s Office of Safety & Security, and in 2016 as the Acting Deputy Associate Administrator of FTA’s Office of Safety & Oversight.  

Ms. Terwilliger studied urban planning at Hunter College at the City University of New York, NY and political science at the New York Institute of Technology.

Updated: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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