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Integrated Mobility Innovation


FTA's Integrated Mobility Innovation (IMI) Program funds projects that demonstrate innovative and effective practices, partnerships and technologies to enhance public transportation effectiveness, increase efficiency, expand quality, promote safety and improve the traveler experience.

On March 16, 2020, FTA announced selections for $20.3 million in FY19 IMI projects. The demonstration projects focus on Mobility on DemandStrategic Transit Automation Research and Mobility Payment Integration to:

  • Explore new business approaches and technology solutions that support mobility
  • Enable communities to adopt innovative mobility solutions that enhance transportation efficiency and effectiveness
  • Facilitate the widespread deployment of proven mobility solutions that expand personal mobility

Technical Assistance

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Mobility on Demand

In 2016, FTA funded an $8 million MOD initiative to support a multimodal, integrated, automated and accessible transportation system emphasizing personalized mobility. MOD projects leverage technologies such as on-demand information, real-time data, and/or predictive analysis for better mobility options

Strategic Transit Automation Research (STAR)

To support the development and deployment of automated bus transit services, FTA developed a five-year Strategic Transit Automation Research Plan that outlines FTA’s research agenda on automation technologies such as automated advanced driver assistance systems for transit buses and automated shuttles. The program supports research to achieve safe and effective transit automation deployments, leveraging technologies from other sectors to advance the transit automation industry and demonstrating market-ready technologies in real-world settings.

Mobility Payment Integration

The Mobility Payment Integration (MPI) program is designed to integrate payment system technologies into the innovative and emerging mobility systems being developed under MOD. MPI includes conducting enabling research, identifying and removing barriers to deployment, leveraging technologies and business models, demonstrating market-ready payment integrative technologies, and transferring knowledge.

Related Programs

Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI)

ATTRI is a joint USDOT initiative co-led by FTA, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO). ATTRI research focuses on removing barriers to transportation for people with visual, hearing, cognitive, and mobility disabilities by funding emerging technologies and creative service models that will offer all Americans enhanced travel choices and accessibility.

Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA)

The USDOT Joint Program Office’s MSAA program offers tools to coordinate, integrate and better leverage Human Service Transportation (HST) resources improving access to employment, healthcare, education, recreation, and other community activities. Through MSAA, Travel Management Coordination Centers (TMCC) are being developed to integrate travelers, service providers, funding programs, and the data flow between them.  The USDOT is working with regional partners to develop tools and resources to support deployments nationwide, and has made the work of several deployment planning projects available as a knowledge base to build upon. MSAA offers a foundational step toward Mobility on Demand, and the goals of Integrated Mobility Innovation, supporting the realizing of this Complete Trips for All vision through the maximization of HST resources.

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